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Scaffold US

A scaffold is what keeps simple houses, churches, schools, bridges, stadiums, skyscrapers and any other buildings in US in order. If not for scaffolds, all of those buildings would eventually fall apart. Scaffolding is a crucial element of any architectural repair and renovation work done in US and everywhere else in the world. Whatever the architecture and size of a building is, a scaffold system can be made to help take care of that building. The key reason for erecting a scaffold is to keep the construction workers safe and help them do their job effectively when accessing otherwise inaccessible areas. Moving freely on scaffold walkways, the workers can repair, rebuild, clean or paint building exteriors and, in the cases of buildings with large open areas inside, also their interiors.

Scaffold Safety

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the government organization in the United States that provides the rules that must be followed in order to keep workers safe. In US, scaffolds must always be designed in strict accordance to OSHA's clearly delineated principles.

Preventing scaffold accidents on construction sites depends on analyzing the statistics of the accidents that unfortunately have already occurred and defining ways of preventing such accidents in the future.

OSHA reports the yearly average of fifty lethal scaffold accidents and four and a half thousand scaffold-related injuries ranging from minor to incapacitating. Scaffold work is risky and every measure must be taken to reduce and control that risk. OSHA responds to the challenge by clarifying and updating their list of safety regulations. Safety is by far the most important consideration in any type of scaffolding work.

The most common causes of scaffolding accidents are slips and falls – and disregard of the strict safety guidelines. Workers not wearing their safety harnesses, lack of proper safety equipment, unsecured or dropped equipment, scaffolds clattered with construction debris, errors in assembly leading to the scaffold collapse, electric damage due to erecting scaffolds near the electric lines – all things like that can be easily avoided by simply sticking with OSHA scaffolding safety standards.

We, All–Safe, LLC, have built scaffolds all over United States. We take scaffold safety very seriously and our records prove it. We make a point of checking and double-checking every scaffolding-related procedure to assure our meticulous safety record. We follow OSHA regulations to the letter.

Scaffold Types

There are several common types of scaffolds, for example supported scaffold, suspended scaffold, catenary scaffold and step and trestle ladder scaffold. Supported scaffolds are erected from the ground up and provide construction workers with the access to the first few levels of the building above the foundation. Suspended scaffolds hang on the pulleys from the top of a building and allow the construction workers to access its higher floors.

A scaffold structure can range in size from a small section to a system of scaffolds completely encapsulating a skyscraper. It's usually more effective to use several types of scaffolds simultaneously for one building, each type more appropriate to a selected specific type of work that needs to be done. Our structural engineers will design the safest scaffolds for your construction site.

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The best museum in US deserves the best scaffold in US: we built the interior scaffold for the Guggenheim Museum in New York:

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